Century21 – World’s Largest Real Estate Brokerage

Let’s face it, the internet is loaded with rent to own scams that are more than happy to take your money and not give you the dream home you desire. Century21 is the world’s largest real estate brokerage firm. Why is that important to you? Starting down the pathway to home ownership is a big investment of time and money. Would you want to trust that to anyone other than the world’s largest real estate company? Of course not!

Lease/Purchase Program through Century21

The next few pages will talk about the program for rent to own houses/homes, how it works, and what the qualifications are. While this program isn’t for everyone, it is for anyone who is trying to get their financial lives on the right path and were just dealt some bad blows. We know bad things happen to great people and we are here to help. So take the first step and click on introduction on the right side of this page! Rent to Own – A Pathway to home ownership

We are dedicated to helping responsible families or individuals with a fair and transparent pathway to home ownership through this amazing rent to own program. The credit crisis has created thousands and thousands of households in the Tampa bay market that cannot obtain a mortgage, despite the fact they have a stable source of income and the ability to pay. These potential home buyers are forced to rent  and unfortunately cannot purchase a home even at current depressed housing prices. Unlike other programs, the rent to own program that we can help you get into, enables approved Floridians to find a home that they want to rent, but also would like to eventually buy through our partner’s Pathway to Home ownership “Lease with a Right to Purchase Program.” Unlike a traditional mortgage, your financial commitment is limited to the initial term of the Lease you are not obligated to renew the Lease or purchase the home. It’s YOUR choice.

Interested in a conventional purchase? visit me at http://www.kellieforeman.com/